Cristina Kirchner: “We have an unyielding will to remain as a standing country”


May 29, 2012


The president, Cristina Kirchner, inaugurated by teleconference a student hostel in La Rioja and granted the 250.000th loan for micro-enterprises.

Very good afternoon to all and to all. What a day today. First, I want to say something. This beautiful place where we are, at the Bicentennial Museum, is one year old since Friday. And the visit between the museum and Casa Rosada has had 1,560,000 people between Argentines and foreigners.

What a day today, a great day. When we were opening the dining hall at the University of Salta. I am very grateful that you have put the name of my partner, Nestor Kirchner, with a very large investment we made. A dining room that is almost an apart-hotel. For 10 pesos [3.5 dollars] you pay rent and food. An investment for Argentina deeply impressive. Because it is true, one was from Santa Cruz to La Plata or the UBA to study.

These 10 universities we have created in these years in office, is not a just Argentina, but we have a much more just Argentina than what we had in 2003. So much was done, but the important thing is to know what we did and what is missing, and know how to do it. To indicate the missing things, there are always persons on the line, but when you see how to do things, you find much less people.

The Argentines must continue united for further growth. We have an unyielding will to remain as a standing country. I am very happy, sometimes physically tired, but with great force and conviction.

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