Cristina spoke to the Parliament of Angola and called for “building a second independence”


May 18, 2012


The president, Cristina Kirchner, addressed the Parliament of Angola and highlighted the growing participation of women in politics in that country. She called to reject the market as a totalizing concept.

“We are above 40% participation of women in our parliament, and two women are in the Supreme Court. Besides me being the first woman elected and reelected President”.

“Especially in my political movement, the emblematic woman was Eva Peron. She achieved on November 11 [same day as the independence of Angola] having the Congress grant rights to women by allowing them to vote”.

“We are an emerging country, Argentina is Angola, a country under reconstruction. The need to build a second independence. The first was one that helped us get rid of the colonial yoke”.

“I think the emerging countries across Africa, we must be united South-South to ensure the right to decent work and social inclusion of minorities. This has moved us”.

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