The “Karateca” Martinez denied knowing Quiroga


May 4, 2012


The “Karateca” Martinez’s lawyer, Julio Beley, said his client does not know Javier Quiroga, alleged perpetrator of the quadruple crime of La Plata, who accused him of hiring him to work the night of the killings.

The counsel noted that Osvaldo Martinez denied having links with the mason who is suspected of being hired to do work at home the night of the crime.

“It was in the house of Calle 28 and said he did not know or what Quiroga hired to go to that house that night,” Beley said.

Also question the many “contradictions” in the statement of the builder. “There Quiroga DNA dripping all over the house, even in the room where the girl was killed and he said in his statement that he had not seen the body of the child,” he concluded.

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