Cristina enacted the nationalization of YPF: “History has been very kind to this president”

Buenos Aires, May 4, 2012


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner spoke at Government House where she signed the decree No. 660 enacting the law 26741 providing for the nationalization of YPF approved by Congress.

“History has been very generous with this president. It allowed me sending the recovery project that moments ago I sign it for the promulgation of the law passed by an overwhelming majority within institutions by the Argentine parliament,” Cristina said.

She added, “I want to thank the various opposition parties that accompanied this project in particular that its essence is to recover this strategic resource.”

“For the first time we have a law voted by a large majority that was not obtained since 2003 to date,” the president said.

“I want to thank our political party. We are a political party that holds our convictions with applause or huevasos” he said.

The president also announced that the engineer Miguel Galuccio is the president of YPF.

Galuccio has just turned 44, studied in Argentina at the Instituto Tecnologico de Buenos Aires, born in Paraná, Entre Ríos, has very good references in the oil sector.

The president said that “the idea is an absolutely modern YPF, competitive, with professional people, but with a policy to address regain self-sufficiency and oil supply in Argentina to hold jobs and economic activity.”

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