La Plata crimes: Osvaldo Martínez was arrested

La Plata, May 3, 2012

Osvaldo Martinez was arrested a few hours ago for the quadruple slaughter of La Plata, after the confession of who would be the perpetrator of the murders, Joaquin Quiroga.

Martinez was arrested as he left a friend’s house in the town of Berisso. The confirmation of the arrest was made by Ricardo Casal, security minister of Buenos Aires province.

Meanwhile, the judge of Guarantees Guillermo Atencio, said Quiroga’s statement is “plausible.”

The men allegedly held an employment relationship. Quiroga was hired by Martinez to perform tasks in the house of the victims. In fact, it would come before the boyfriend of Barbara Santos (one of the victims) on the day of the murders.

Besides Quiroga said he smoked with Barbara’s mother, also killed, hence the traces of DNA found at the scene of the crime.

The judge argues that the hypothesis is that Martinez called Quiroga to commit the crimes.

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