Oscar Parrilli on the alleged loss of the presidential staff: “Once again, Clarín lies”


April 29, 2012


Former presidential spokesperson and current Secretary General of the Executive, Oscar Parrilli, heavily charged against the newspaper Clarin, which had published in the print edition of yesterday that the presidential staff had been lost. He said that it is in his office.

“The newspaper Clarin, in its edition today, Saturday 28 April, page 6, once again lies,” begins the text published by the National Telam news.

“Under the title:” In the Pink House, no one knows where the baton from Cristina “is fable about the” mysterious disappearance of a presidential attribute “(sic, tuft main title),” said Parrilli.

“So much alarm and mystery he could have saved his readers, just have asked the General Secretariat of the Presidency in my care, natural and institutional responsibility for the internal administration of the Casa Rosada and assisting the Presidency of the Nation all protocol affects, among other functions, “questioned, adding:” It was necessary to investigate, let alone enough to lie just ask in the right place. “

“The staff made ​​by Pallarols referenced note Clarín, is stored in my office, to be placed in the Museum of the Bicentennial,” he wrote.

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