Guardiola could have played for Banfield in Argentina

April 27, 2012

Pep Guardiola, now former head coach of Barcelona, had said, before choosing Mexico as a destination, that he would have liked to play in Argentina.However, he never came. His last club was Dorados, where disputed the Clausura2006. 

When his contract expired he returned to Madrid to do the coaching course, although he tried to play in Banfield in August. The Coach of Banfield at the time, Carlos Leeb, gave his approval. But the negotiations did not progress well and Pep retired from professional football as a player.

Guardiola started training in 2007 the Barcelona B, but a year later the club decided to give him a try in the first team. The successes and results are visible to all. Does he wants to be the Coach of an Argentine team?

Source: TodoNoticias

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