Man has 12 hours of sex and dies



April 26, 2012


Sergey Tuganov, made a bet: ‘I would have sex nonstop for 12 hours’.

The Russian man won the bet with the help of Viagra but unfortunately he could not collect the money because he died.

Tuganov, mechanic, made ​​the bet with two friends, which was to ‘be with them for 12 hours straight and the prize would be a little more than 4 thousands Euros ($ 6500).

Sergey Tuganov, who knew that ‘it would be difficult to maintain an erection for so long’, consumed a large quantity of blue pills, helping him to keep his ‘manhood’ for 12 hours.

The man finished and celebrated the victory with his ‘friends’ when his heart begins to fail, and die immediately of a heart attack.

Emergency services could not revive Tuganov and could only certify the death of this man who gained the title of ‘champion of marathon sex.’

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