Reposo: “This attack is not against Amado Boudou, but a government project that has worked for equality”

Buenos Aires, April 12, 2012

SiGen head Daniel Reposo said about Ciccone case that “it is not an attack against Argentine Vice-president Amado Boudou, but against a government project that has worked for equality, and there are corporate sectors a lot of power, who refuse to lose some benefits.”

In addition, Reposo, who was nominated by the national government as the new head of the Attorney General, said that under his management, “prosecutors have all warranties and tools to act with complete independence.”

“The role of the prosecutor is to coordinate the work of prosecutors, improve the guarantees of due process, so that everyone has access to justice,” Reposo added.

“So we have to work for the resolutions to be appropriate on the standard and the concept of justice, we must struggle to act as independent in each of the cases”.

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