Riquelme won’t travel to Brazil to face Fluminense

Argentina, April 9, 2012

Boca returned to practice today, in the Complex Pedro Pompilio. As the only pointer of the Argentine football, they have midweek commitments facing the Copa Libertadores. Thus Boca travels to Brazil on Wednesday to face Fluminense. 

With a victory Boca advances to the next phase of the tournament.

However, there were published the news that Juan Roman Riquelme would not be part of the squad that faces the Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro. Falcioni prefered to save him due to a slight injury he suffered in his left knee after the game with Argentinos Jrs.

Moreover, Somoza may not be due to the red card he received against Arsenal at the Bombonera. The place is disputed between the Pichi Erbes and Diego Rivero.

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