Six-year-old dies poisoned by BBQ’s carbon monoxide


April 8, 2012


A six-year-old girl who died on a family camping holiday may have been poisoned by carbon monoxide from a barbecue.

Isabelle Harris’s parents are believed to have had a barbecue on Thursday afternoon close to where they had pitched their tent at Holmsley campsite in the New Forest, Hampshire.

Hours later Isabelle collapsed, had a fit and stopped breathing at the site in Bransgore.

Ambulance crews arrived shortly after midnight to find her parents, Tracey and Lee Harris, trying to revive their daughter. Paramedics took her to Southampton General Hospital, but she had a heart attack on the way and was declared dead shortly afterwards.

Police initially reacted by arresting Isabelle’s parents on suspicion of murder, but released them later without charge.

A foldaway barbecue and two camping chairs could be seen by the entrance to the tent as police forensic teams moved in on Friday. The blue family tent, which sleeps up to six people, was guarded by police officers and the field was cordoned off.

A post-mortem examination on Friday failed to reveal an exact cause of death and officers are now awaiting the results of toxicology tests.

A police source said yesterday: ‘The results may take a few weeks but they would show whether the girl suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning. We know that the family had a barbecue on Thursday afternoon before she died and people have died after breathing in the fumes before. We do not know how close to the tent the barbecue was.’

Yesterday, Isabelle’s parents released a statement paying tribute to their only child.

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