The storm left twelve dead and serious material damage

Argentina, April 5, 2012

The storms yesterday destroyed buildings, blew up trees, flooded streets. The balance was fatal: six deaths and serious damage to properties in the City of Buenos Aires and its suburbs. 

DyN news agency reported that three people died in Villa 21, while another died crushed by a dividing wall in the neighborhood of Flores.

In Gonnet, a young of 20 years old died after being crushed by a tree while trying to get to her home in the midst of the storm. A post killed another woman of 52.

Diego Santilli, Minister of Public Space in Buenos Aires, reported that about 114 trees fell, broke windows, and blew roofs. He described the storm as an “infernal thing”.

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  1. In English, you cannot simply say “a young”; you must specify the gender (e.g., a young boy, a young girl) because there is no gender in the word in English (unlike Spanish: un joven; una joven). Also, trees cannot “blow up”; that is expression is only used for explosions. Maybe the tree was “blown over” or “uprooted.”

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