The Government announced that they will sanction Movistar for the failures

Argentina, April 3, 2012

For the cuts suffered yesterday on the telephone network, the Government will apply the maximum sanctions against the company Movistar. Furthermore, they clarified that the company will be required to “redress” users in compensation for damages caused. 

The decision to sanction the company was announced in a press conference given by the Communications Secretary Lisandro Salas and Controller of the National Communications Commission (NCC), Ceferino Namuncura in the Ministry of Economy. Previously, both had met with De Vido, Minister of Federal Planning, to assess the quality of the sanctions.

Namuncurá said the damage was caused by “technical problems” defining it as “a collapse occurred for something that is no stranger to the company, which is internal, their networks and programming platforms,” adding “this was a problema of Telefónica “.

“What worried us very much was the unfortunate attitude of the company towards the users,” said Sals. For him, the user of Movistar suffered the”isolation of the company, which did not report what was happening.”

He added that “the seriousness of this case is being analyzed and we have specific instructions of our minister for analysis all materials and impose the maximum fine although this does not end with the imposition of a penalty, but we will order a compensation to users.”

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