Falklands Islands: Press over the world about the anniversary of the war

Argentina, April 2, 2012

Argentine demonstrators of the group ‘Quebracho’ burned a doll representing the figure of Prince William. It occurred outside the British embassy in Buenos Aires in the 30 th anniversary of the invasion of the Falkland Islands.

The crowds showed anti-British slogans and carried banners demanding the return of the islands burning a British flag and throwing objects to the police.

The Prince has just returned to Britain after being on the island for six weeks, flying in a Sea King helicopter with a rescue team of the Royal Air Force (RAF).

The Argentine government calls the decisions of the British government as hostile, accusing Britain of trying to fuel tension between the two countries.

In the southern city of Argentina, Ushuaia, President Cristina Kirchner gave a speech, at a ceremony commemorating the 649 Argentine soldiers who died in the conflict.

She described the position of Great Britain over the disputed islands as ‘ridiculous’ and ‘absurd’ and requested the United Kingdom to grant the sovereignty over the islands.

She has also called for dialogue between the two countries to end the ‘unfair’ situation and criticized the colonial past of Britain, accusing them of trying to seize Argentina’s natural resources.

Addressing the crowd, she said: “every day their position is more ridiculous and absurd in the eyes of the world.”

She added: “We also demand them to stop usurping our environment, our natural resources and our oil.”

The government of Mrs. Kirchner’s claims to British forces to have stolen the Falkland Islands in 1833, running it as a colony for 150 years.

In recent weeks, ministers have urged companies to find alternatives to British imports and threatened to carry British investors of the islands to the court. Other Latin American countries have supported the Argentine position.

And she added “the government sets a global standard for the protection of human rights and pledged to” respect the interests of the islanders if Argentina fails to win peacefully control over the archipelago.”

“I am proud to have made the promotion of human rights a cornerstone of our state,” adding that “therefore it is impossible to consider that Argentina failed to protect the rights of the 3000 islanders.”

Complaints of Argentina, including the United Nations – of “militarization” of the United Kingdom will be accentuated in the morning, with the deployment of advanced warships of the Navy for operation.

The Daily Mail said: “Stimulated by the discovery of oil reserves in the Falklands, the President Kirchner has led a strong reaffirmation of the claim to the Falklands.”

“He got the support of other South American countries to ban ships under the flag of Falkland moor their ports and is trying to restrict flights, as part of a ‘squeeze.

William Hague, Foreign Minister, described the recent actions in Argentina as “very regrettable”.

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