Shocking video: Brazilian man is shot live

March 30, 2012

A television crew that was covering an incident on the outskirts of a bar in Joao Pessoa, Paraiba, caught unintentionally creepy scene when a man approached another lying on the ground and fired two shots to the head.

The victim was identified as Rodrigo Ferreira da Silva, who miraculously is out of danger.

The young man said he was attacked by six men in a bar, where one of them hit him in the head with a helmet. “Another hugged me and fired four times,” said Da Silva, a professional plumber. “I managed to run and jumped over a wall,” he added.

The reporter and cameraman arrived and the victim was lying on the floor, waiting for medical help. Suddenly a man approached and shot him twice in the head.

2 Responses to Shocking video: Brazilian man is shot live

  1. Don’t people believe in God anymore? They don’t feel guilty about killing people?!

  2. It’s a sad story if only the violence would stop in this world. We need love and unity.

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