The breasts of a British young woman continue to grow constantly (photos)

March 28, 2012


A 17-year British girl named Ellie Jaycock has a problem that complicates her life, her boobs do not stop growing for a rare condition known as “juvenile macromastia.”

The problem is even worse for Ellie considering that her breasts will keep growing.

She suffered severe back pain, neck and waist by the weight to be borne, considering her height of 1.62 m.

In addition, it creates social disruption. “My breasts are ruining my life, people are very cruel and they shout down the street. I do not know how I will stand up until 21 years old,” Ellie said.

It happens that doctors advised her not to have surgery to 21 years old, since before that date is risky to do it.

According to experts, “the juvenile macromastia is a rare benign medical condition that causes excessive growth, diffuse and sometimes disabling one or both breasts during puberty.”

3 Responses to The breasts of a British young woman continue to grow constantly (photos)

  1. Why do I see pictures of Annie Keenan?

  2. She is great just the way she is. I hope for the sake of mankind she doesn’t do something too drastic as it might cause WWIII

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