Obese animals with strict diets (pictures)


March 29, 2012

Pets also are overweight and should spend some time with a strict diet and exercise regimen to lose weight.

The regime is one in a ‘Hotel on the beach” where they spent a year consuming healthy foods.

The PDSA veterinary estimated that only in the UK, there are some six million dogs and cats overweighed, with the risk of health problems.

Maverick is a blue long-haired cat of Edinburgh, and can barely move.

Fifi Bottomley, is a white cat with black spots from Bradford, and has twice its weight, its owner was found dead of starvation.

Jack, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from London, with white spots and long ears, is losing weight but is still twice the normal size.

Deco is a Labrador who has more than 50% of normal weight.

Bailey is a collie from Glasgow; the veterinary frightened by his excessive weight.

These and other animals are gathered in the hotel, as do humans in domestic institutions to reach an ideal weight.

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