Macri freeze his salary in 5 thousand dollars and donated to a soup kitchen

Buenos Aires, March 26, 2012

Buenos Aires Mayor Mauricio Macri earns $ 5210.10, an amount that he decided to freeze and donated entirely to a soup kitchen, said his spokesman.

Decree 660/2011 states that the leader of the PRO should be earning 20 thousand pesos for his work in front of Buenos Aires executive. This amount is roughly what the deputy chief Maria Eugenia Vidal earns each month ($ 23,528.07).

Macri said assets in his latest affidavit of 33 million pesos, where his international actions will generate the most profit, about 23 million.

Macri’s cabinet enjoyed about 40% increase where its ministers come to win 20 thousand pesos.

The increases in the salaries of national legislators (see note) brought controversy and President Cristina Kirchner whose increase exceeded 100%. The president receives a salary of $ 48,934 gross per month, that with discounts becomes a net of $ 30,991,

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