Incredible but true: Man lived 31 years like a baby

March 18, 2012

Stanley Thornton, 31, spends his days pretending to be a toddler, using diapers and pacifiers.

Thornton spent the last 18 years as an adult baby, dressed in overalls and sleeps in a crib large.

Stanley revealed his preferred age is both, because: “I feel like I was in mom’s arms.”

“I think acting like a baby every day.”

“For me is a big part of my life.”

“I feel safe in a crib. Bars, mean security and is something babies have to feel when they are growing. “

The man equipped his home with a playground, crayons and a high chair on which he eats his meals.

Man gets as baby clothes, including pajamas.

Now, Stanley seeks a full-time mom.

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