Successfully doctors separated twins linked in the liver


March 21, 2012


The conjoined twins who shared a liver were separated successfully in Barcelona.

Nuria and Marta Feliu, six months, underwent surgery seven hours that allow them now to lead a normal life.

The twins joined at the abdomen, were separated on February 27 by a team of 30 health workers in the Vall d’Hebron hospital.

The surgeons performed a hepatectomy, separating the liver in two. Nuria and Marta were born by Caesarean section after 34 weeks of pregnancy on August 10 last year, weighing 3kg each.

The sisters had spent a day in intensive care after birth, and then 26 days in hospital before being allowed to take home still attached.

The mother, Meritxell Feliu told a press conference yesterday that “When we sent home the doctor thought I was crazy. But you get used to everything, as any mother. “

“I have not read anything about it, I did not know anything, because it made me panic. The first few days after the operation missed them, but not now. “

“Marta is looking for his sister, but Nuria is more independent, and does not seem to want to be always at her side. It’s like saying: ‘I’ve been with her for a long time, now I want to be alone.’ “

José Luis Peiro, co-director of pediatric surgery program at the hospital, said: “They have not had any complications and it is not expected in the future. Six months had passed next to each other, playing, annoying others. “

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