Triple murder: Fourth raid to arrest Ivan Esteban Perez Corradi

Buenos Aires, March 20, 2012

Businessman Ivan Esteban Perez Corradi has an arrest warrant after being charged as co-author of the triple murder in General Rodriguez, where three young men were killed: Sebastian Forza, Damian Ferron and Leopoldo Bina in 2008.

The prosecutor conducted four raids in suburban Buenos Aires in search of the entrepreneur, who was the mastermind of the murders. The focal points were the towns of Olivos, Martinez and La Lucila.

At Olivos, the police searched the home of Corradi’s mother, located in Blas Parera 909.

The case was submitted last year to trial and brothers Eduardo Martin Lanatta and Christian Daniel Marcelo Lanatta are judged as well as brothers Javier Schillaci and Victor Gabriel Schillaci.

The charges are “illegal deprivation of freedom aggravated by the committee through violence and threats in real competition with aggravated murder for his commitment to cruelty, treachery and premeditated contest.”

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