The kelpers suggest that Argentine companies to be involved in the oil explotation

Islas Malvinas, March 15, 2012

Following the statement of Argentine Foreign Minister Hector Timerman on the lawsuits over companies that exploit hydrocarbons in Mavinas, the kelpers propose the participation of Argentine companies in the activity.

Mike Summers, an influential adviser to the islands said, “We will invite the Argentine companies to come to invest in oil exploration. There is no legal impediment to do so. We need them.”

A 1995 agreement is an antecedent of this proposal. The same held cooperation between Argentine and British companies, where Argentina would receive a 3% tax royalties from exploitation in the islands.

The agreement was never carried out, there was no domestic company involved and Argentina never received royalties.

Today Summers says that the islands are expanding thanks to the oil boom in the area, but it will not negotiate with the country “until it recognizes us as a sovereign, democratic and independent state.”

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