Mystery of Mary Celeste ship’s crew disappearance

Buenos Aires, March 16, 2012

Today the mystery remains over Mary Celeste ship which sailed on November 7, 1872 from the Port of New York to Italy.

Captain Benjamin S. Briggs was in command of the ship, and with him: 7 sailors, Sarah, his wife and her daughter Sophia Matilda of two years old.

The “Mary Celeste”, a ship of 31 meters in length and 282 tons, carrying 1700 barrels of commercial alcohol, on behalf of the firm H. Mascarenhas & Co, to increase the alcohol content of wine, and found it full sail across the Atlantic bound for Gibraltar.

In December 1872, a Marine “Dei Gratia” saw the boat with the sails spread. After observing it for several hours, they detect that they had not seen anyone on deck, and he decide to address it and found: the food served, lifeboats in place, neat clothes in their drawers, jewelry, value, food and water. But there was no trace of the crew. They found the sextant, the chronometer or blog.

The logbook was in the captain’s cabin; the last entry was on November 24 but did not say anything relevant. He commented that the time had been upset, but without complications.

The ship is taken to Gibraltar and sailed for 12 years until its owner was found carrying a load overweight and was sunk.

In 2001 its remains were discovered in Haiti, and 116 years later continue to assumptions about the mysterious disappearance of the crew.

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