The Argentine Government will sanction companies exploiting areas around the Falklands

Argentina, March 15, 2012

The Foreign Minister Hector Timerman gave a press conference where he explained the main measures taken by the Argentine government against oil companies exploiting the areas around the Falkland Islands. 

Timerman said that “there are three levels of firms that break the Argentine law” and added “they’ve violated over 10 UN regulations.”

These levels include the exploration work carried out, first: 5 companies that work with hydrocarbons, which will be demanded. Secondly, the penalties to those that provide logistics to the first ones. And third those which provide economic and financial support, risk analysis and lobby.

“These companies will be at risk” and he added that they should inform “their shareholders for being partakers of unlawful acts.”

“All the oil and gas found in the Falkland Islands is owned by the Argentine government,” concluded the chancellor.

Source: TodoNoticias

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