Labour Ministry meets with UTA to solve the strike of long distance busses

City of Buenos Aires, March 15, 2012

After the Union (UTA) announced the strike of long-distance buses from the Retiro bus terminal, the Ministry of Labour summoned the guild to solve the conflict. 

The complaint seeks a wage increase agreed earlier this year which was not delivered. Thus, Mario Calegari, press secretary of the union, said “the strike is a hundred percent responsibility of the business sector,” adding “if the promised 700 pesos appear, the conflict is solved.”

Meanwhile, Roberto Fernandez, head of the UTA, said that “the business sector met with the union and agreed last September to pay 700 pesos to future joint account. The bussiness sector did not comply, citing the excuse the fall of the subsidy on diesel fuels.”

At this point, both sides meet in the headquarters of the Ministry in Leandro N. Alem at 650.

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