Mother gave birth after being 75 days lying upside down

March 10, 2012

Joanna Krzysztonek, young mother of 31 years old, lied face down for 75 days while being pregnant with triplets. Her first baby was born prematurely and, unfortunately, was too weak to survive. 

The other two were in danger of suffering the same fate until doctors intervened to try to delay the birth.

She was medicated to stop contractions and had to be in a bed tilted at an angle of 30 degrees, with feet pointing up, to prevent a recurrence of contractions.

She was upside down 24 hours a day for two months.

When 75 days passed, Joanna gave birth to a healthy girl and a child, in a neonatal clinic in the Polish city of Wroclaw.

The brand new mother of twins said, “I felt relieved that there was a chance to carry the pregnancy and give babies the chance to be born with success.”

“I’m so happy that words cannot describe this moment. They are such good babies, are very quiet and sometimes even have the sweetest smile.”

“I was informed that the work was a world record. I am amazed at what happened, but all I want is to express my gratitude to the staff of this hospital for his wisdom and kindness. I would never have been able to give birth of my children without them.”

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