Teacher’s strike: Most schools added to the protest

Argentina, March 7, 2012

The teacher unions: Confederation of Education Workers of Argentina (CTERA), Argentine Union of Private Schools (SADOP), Association of Teachers of Technical Education (AMET), Argentine Teachers Union (UDA) and Confederation of Argentine Educators (CEA ) held a strike for 24 hours in most schools in the country, as claiming for wage increases. 

Teachers of the City of Buenos Airesjoined in solidarity with the rest of the teammates.

According to the guild “The strike was massive”.

Carlos Tomada, labor minister, criticized the teachers strike, considering that “the government did not deserve the strike when carrying out a policy in defense of public education”.

Today was published in the Official Gazette ‘the formalization of setting a floor of 2,800 pesos for teacher base salary”.

Maldonado said that “negotiations still continue in the largest districts in eleven provinces and if agreed, are precarious agreements.”

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