“The living Barbie” all the rage on the web

March 6, 2012

Dakota Rose is a teenage girl whose image has spread virally on the Internet due to her amazing beauty. Many compare her features with Barbie, the famous American doll.

Little is known about Dakota Rose, her nationality is unknown, although some say she is American, and nobody knows for sure how old is she, but would estimate that is between 16 and 19.

But the truth is that Dakota, also known as Dakotakoti or KotaKoti in social networks, has become a true phenomenon especially in Asian countries.

In fact, the girl has a look that mimics anime characters, both in makeup, hair and clothing. But even her facial features are like that, big blue eyes, small nose, pink lips and fleshy.

15 Responses to “The living Barbie” all the rage on the web

  1. She’s gorgeous…I don’t think people should find her “creepy” because of her looks, but the way she dresses.The little girl thing and oversexualisation is the creepy part.

  2. mother of photoshop

  3. she is seriously beautiful i think its sick that people are so jealous they feel the need to talk bad about her.

  4. Photoshop. Photoshop everywhere -facepalm-

    • That’s what everyone thinks. I’ve seen her when she was scene/emo a few years back and she had the exactly same features. Her sister Kiki (Kirsten) Kannibal has the exact same large eyes and she frequently does live streaming too.

  5. i bet she gives a mean blowjob ;0-8

  6. She is truly beautiful

  7. Her eye’s <3<3<3!! & a BEAUTIFUL Smile .. <3

  8. bener lah nech. . .

  9. she looks like a pedobear’s dreamgirl…

  10. She didn’t always look this ” amazingly beautiful ” she was a scene queen Dakota Ostrenga. Either she got work done or that photoshop is incredibly good.

    • That’s why she’s targetting Asian countries – because nobody there knows who she is. After the whole incident with her big sister, I’m surprised her parents allowed this.

    • Oh Noona…ENVY is a big sin darling

  11. Amazing beautyfull girl who has a nice look a like with Barby!

  12. She has a dead face.

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