Hacker was captured and gave information about Anonymus’s hackers

March 6, 2012

A few days ago, one of the leaders of Lulzsec, name of a group of hackers that attacked companies like PayPal or MasterCard, called Hector Xavier Monsegur, was captured by the authorities. But the most surprising thing is that he brought information of his former buddies of Anonymus, perhaps the most famous hacker group in the area. 

Thus, six members of Anonymus were accused of having committed “Internet sabotage” against public and private companies.

Monsegur, who used the nickname “Sabu” on the Internet, admitted in August 2011 having organized attacks against the Japanese company Sony, Fox television network and the cybersecurity firm HBGary.

It should be recalled that a week ago, 25 hackers suspected of belonging to a group, ten of them Argentines, were arrested in four countries in Latin America and Europe.

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