Cristina offers three flights to the Falklands by Arolineas Argentinas from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, March 1, 2012

President Cristina Kirchner instructed the Argentine foreign minister to negotiate with London, the implementation of three monthly flights to the Falkland Islands, but from Buenos Aires on Aerolineas Argentinas.

“I directed the chancellor (H├ęctor Timerman) and the president of Aerolineas Argentinas (Mariano Recalde) so that, instead of the 2 monthly flights leaving from Chile and land in Rio Gallegos, but are 3 flights departing the mainland, from Buenos Aires to the islands with our flagship airline,” said the president.

“We will not harm any community, the islanders, or non-islanders, or the English” she added.

He noted that the Malvinas question is “neither right nor left. Malvinas nothing else. “

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