The United Kingdom rejected Argentina’s decision to replace British products

United Kingdom, February 29, 2012

Following the announcement done yesterday by the Minister of Industry Debora Giorgi, who called national and multinational companies to replace supplies from the United Kingdom, the British prime minister, David Cameron said that Argentina uses the “policy of confrontation” over the Falkland Islands issue. 

“Counterproductive” was the word used by the British government to describe the action taken by the National Government, who proposed to the companies that import products from the UK to replace them by others from different countries.

The economic decision brings within it the conflict over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands at a time in which the tension between the two countries involved increased due the arrival of Prince William for military training and the warship of the United Kingdom sent to the Islands. Argentina had complained to the UN against the “militarization of the South Atlantic”.

Giorgi’s request was related to two issues: one was the “preservation of Argentina’s trade surplus with the United Kingdom”, but the real reason for the decision was “to establish policies that favor commercial ties with nations that respect the territorial integrity and its sovereign claims”.

Cameron’s spokesman said: “clearly it is very sad that Argentina continues its policy of confrontation rather than cooperation” adding “is a misinterpretation of the British determination about this issue”.

“The UK is also a major investor in Argentina and we import products from Argentina. Their decision does not favor Argentina’s economic interests ” he concluded.

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