The trial of Marita Verón was suspended and resumes on March 6

Argentina, February 28, 2012

Gonzalo Gomez, one of the 13 accused of kidnapping and prostituting Marita Veron, stayed in La Rioja after undergoing a surgery and did not attend the hearing. While his lawyer tried to remove him from the trial, the prosecution fought for the debate to continue in his absence. The Court ordered to arrest him and bring him back to Tucuman, to appear on March 6, when the trial resumes. 

On Thursday of last week, the hearing was interrupted when Gomez broke down and after being treated by emergency services was hospitalized to do tests. Even without a diagnosis, Flores, his lawyer, asked to remove his client from the trial.

So it was then that Gomez had surgery on a stone in the gallbladder. He was discharged on Saturday and only diagnosed some rest. But he traveled alone to La Rioja, without advising to the Tribunal.

In the complaint, Dr. Carlos Varela Alvarez asked for the trial to continue in the absence of the accused, something that the Code of Tucumán does not allow.

However, Dr. Carlos Garmendia reasoned that Flores had “manipulated the health of the accused” and ordered the arrest of Gómez during the trial.

The Court, after two hours, decided that Gómez does not need to rest and that he could be present at hearings. Thus, was ordered his arrest and transfer back to Tucuman, where he will remain under house arrest. On Tuesday, when the trial resumes, he will be taken to court by police.

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