Miracle? A woman declared dead revives after 45 minutes when her husband says ‘I love you’


February 26, 2012


A woman declared dead after suffering a massive heart attack stunned the doctors and her family when she came back to life.

Relatives of Lorna Baillie, a grandmother of 49, were devastated when the team medical treatment was withdrawn after three hours trying to revive her.

The family gathered around her hospital bed to say goodbye, when 45 minutes later, her husband, John Baillie, 58, whispered ‘I love you’, was at that time they were surprised to see that her color soon began to improve.

A nurse in the room said that this was a normal side effect after the emergency treatment.

But Mrs. Baillie started flashing and then moving, and the nurse added that they were “involuntary movements”.

The family demanded the nurse to call a doctor.

One daughter, Leanne Porteous, 31, said: “I ‚Äč‚Äčasked the nurse if it was normal for me squeezing his hand and opened his eyes and told me it was normal.”

“At one point my dad said,” Lorna Back, I love you “and then she was there again.”

Mrs. Baillie continued to recover, and last week was moved from intensive care to a common room.

An MRI revealed yesterday that there is no apparent brain damage.

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