Nilda Garré denied using the Project X as a “spy tool”

Argentina, February 24, 2012

Nilda Garre gave today at a press conference devoted to clarify the situation related to the Project X, denounced by social groups as a “spy tool” of the Government. She said that “there is nothing new, it already existed” and that “it is used to investigate social leaders”.

“It’s an intelligence system for the investigation of crimes, a database that allows crossing information, accelerating the analysis of intelligence in research situations” Garre said.

She added “It was established in gendarmerie in 2002 during the government of Duhalde. In 2006 was updated. It is software required by judges across the country, national, provincial, federal, criminal, etc.”

While the conference was due to the increased of claims held by social movements and leaders, the Minister said “Project X will never be used for social demonstrations; it has another purpose, other uses. Demonstrations do not involve the Intelligence Directorate of the Prison, where is the project, but the Special Unit of Judicial Procedure, which has no connection or access to Project X, are two distinct areas. The cases in which the unit participated were cases required by justice, not provided by the database”.

“Project X is a tool, not a secret plan of espionage. It serves for the intersection of criminal information in court cases of complex crimes” and she added “since 2009 it has not been loaded and is only used to unravel crimes networks. No person in the database was investigated for engaging in any kind of demonstration”.

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