Aysén, the Chilean locality that wants to be part of Argentina

Chile, February 21, 2012

The inhabitants of the region of Aysen, southern Chile, feel isolated from the rest of the country, reason why they decided to go and demand the government of Sebastián Piñera some basic demands of everyday life. 

The protest was attended by more than two thousand people marching in the Puerto Aysen, after a week of isolation.

It started at 6 pm yesterday. People went to the provincial governor with signs reading: “Aysen is also Chile”, but also other peculiar calling “adopt us Argentina”.

Aysen is located 1300 kilometers south of Santiago and has nearly 100 000 inhabitants. The area is inaccessible and therefore the goods cost more than the rest of the country. The neighbors complain that they are closer to the province of Chubut that of its capital.

The people of Aysen, whose regional capital is Coyhaique, to 1,670 kilometers south of Santiago, held since last Monday roadblocks and barricades, demanding the presence of the Ministers of Economy, Mining and Interior in the area to resolve the conflict.

The claims include a reduction in fuel prices, improved medical services and a solution to the lack of employment, as well as discounts on other goods necessary for everyday life such as fruits, vegetables, etc..

The Chilean government sent the Health and Transport Ministers to discuss with the social leaders who lead the demonstrations. Piñera spokesman, Chadwick, announced that ministers traveling to the area will “discuss with the community and get an answer to the various concerns that have arisen”.

Meanwhile, the locals also claim the presence of the minister of Economy and Energy, Larrainm and Alvarez respectively.

In Santiago, meanwhile, trade unions, environmentalists and students will today march through the center of the capital in solidarity with the region.

One Response to Aysén, the Chilean locality that wants to be part of Argentina

  1. I guess it’s obvious, Argentina has a better quality of life than chile, education is free and also medical services.
    In Argentina has lower taxes than those in Chile, and more work proposals.
    But equally I think Argentina should not accept these people, since they are betraying their country of origin

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