Susana Trimarco, Marita Veron’s mother, will continue her testimony today

Argentina, February 16, 2012

The trial yesterday ended with part of the statement of Susana Trimarco, Marita Veron’s mother, who will continue to declare today. Trimarco said that “the sole aim is to find her daughter” and that she is “not afraid of the gangs that participate in the trafficking of persons”. She will expand her testimony today from 8:30 am. 

The Court of Criminal Chamber II will hear today the second part of the testimony of Susana Trimarco, in the judgment which is followed by the disappearance of her daughter in April 2002.

“If they want to kill me, they will have to do it, I will not be silenced and I will defend my daughter” said Susana yesterday. Yesterday she spoke about her life before the disappearance of Marita and how she started the fight to find her alive.

“I will not stop looking at my daughter, I have no fear of these gangs,” she repeated several times. Susana will continue her statement today, in front of the accused in the case as the brothers María Jesus and Victor Rivero and Daniela Milhein.

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