The daughter of Whitney Houston had to be hospitalized due to a bout of stress

United States, February 12, 2012

Bobbi Kristina, daughter of the late singer Whitney Houston suffered a bout of stress when learning that his mother had died, reason why she had to be hospitalized. 

“She was suffering from some anxiety and was taken to (hospital) Cedars Sinai” a spokesman for the police department in Beverly Hills said. Kristina is the only daughter of Whitney with the producer Bobby Brown.

Houston’s family issued a statement expressing their sadness over the death of the singer. It says “we are devastated by the loss of our dear Whitney. This is an unimaginable tragedy and we will miss her terribly. We appreciate the outpouring of love and support from their fans and friends”.

Fans of the U.S. gathered at the Church of New Jersey, where she began her singing career. Several people threw cards and flowers at the gates of the Church as a way of paying tribute.

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