Cronica photos of Jazmine de Grazia are under judicial investigation

Buenos Aires, February 10, 2012

The Argentines woke up today with a cover that caused a stir: photos of model Jazmin de Grazia hours after her death, published by Cronica newspaper (see article).

The impact on social networks were immediate and most expressed their rejection to the cover and the supplement (where there were countless photos of the model already dead in her apartment of Recoleta)

Since this publication implies the violation of a personal right such as privacy and image, the incident is already under investigation. Court officials tried to determine how those photos reach Cronica newspaper.

Judge Raul Ernesto Botto explained that the publication of these photographs violated the investigation on the model’s death.

Consequently, after hearing the testimony of two police officers who were at the model apartment, a prosecution opened a case for “violation of secrecy and corruption”.

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