Penguin News calls President Cristina Kirchner “bitch”

Falkland Islands, February 8, 2012

The Kelper newspaper Penguin News uploaded a photo of Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, whose file name was “bitch”.

If someone wanted to save the image, the default file name was “bitch”, reflecting a clear insult to the president.

The editor of the newspaper, Lisa Watson, was asked via Twitter by a user about this outburst, and she replied, “emmm oops – not now you’ll find.”

Watson sought to excuse herself by appealing to “dry humor” of the editors of the newspaper.

After the enormous upheaval that the incident caused in social networks, the newspaper renamed the file and now says Kirchner.

35 Responses to Penguin News calls President Cristina Kirchner “bitch”

  1. Not sure why Britons feel the need to reply to the insults. Argentina is isolated and irrelevant. Please Britons – ignore the hate-filled ignorant and spiteful Argentine comments. They have been indoctrinated. They are not evil people, they just need help in shaking off several decades of incompetent government and the opportunity to join the international community as a mature democracy. It will happen one day.

  2. Actually, the majority of Argentinian civilians remained on the islands after 1833, as they were encouraged to do so. The people who were expelled were the handful (20, I think) of Argentinian soldiers who had arrived in 1832 with a governor whom they (the Argentinians soldiers, that is) had murdered!

  3. Qué mentira más grande acabas de decir Keith (y la mayor parte de los que comentaron) , las Islas Malvinas NO estaban desahitabas cuando tu queridísima “Iron Lady” fue a meterse a donde NADIE la llamó, y no me vengas con que Argentina tiene cero derechos sobre las Islas Malvinas porque es OBVIO que son nuestras, o acaso no te das cuenta de donde están ubicadas las Islas Malvinas, donde se ubica Argentina con respecto a ellas, y donde se ubican ustedes, la verdad que no entiendo como tienen cara para defender esa idea que tienen de que las Islas Malvinas son suyas, y CLARO, OBVIO que los habitantes actuales de las Islas Malvinas quieres ser británicos, si de hecho, son de Inglaterra, me estás jodiendo? que te pensás, que nacieron en Argentina y se mudaron allá para pedir ser de nacionalidad inglesa? Pero por favor, me sorprende que piensen que los argentinos tenemos un ego enorme cuando en verdad, ustedes se piensan que los actuales habitantes (ingleses) de las Islas Malvinas no quieren ser más argentinos, porque la verdad es que no hay un solo argentino viviendo allí, ya que tu queridídima islita (UK) se aseguró de que no lo haya. Así que hacete un favor, y saca la mirada de tu país y mirá más allá del horizonte, mirá a quién apoya el mundo, hasta los países europeos creen que ambos países tienen que sentarse a discutir, pero como tu país es un SANTO, que NUNCA le hizo la guerra a nadie (y por si no quedó claro, fui bastante sarcástica), “no pueden sentarse a discutir con un país que les declaró la guerra” …. Pero por favor!!! Europa vivió como el “1er mundo” gracias A TODAS LAS RIQUEZAS QUE ROBÓ DE AMÉRICA, DE TODA LA AMÉRICA, así que no te pienses superior a nadie, porque te lo aseguro, NO LO SOS!

  4. All this new Malvinas hype will end in tears for Argentina, as everything always does for them. I hope the Argentines choose another path before they take this any further. My suggestion: Dig up the carcass of your precious patron saint Evita and parade it around Plaza de Mayo seven times. Everything will get better after that.

  5. Is unacceptable to use offensive words when there are other choices to refer to this issue in dispute.

  6. Argentina did not exist as a country on the day that Spain or should I say the governor of Rio de la plata signed over the Falkland Islands to the UK.

    So How can you claim this territory to be your own is a joke.

    Based on your logic, if you are Argentinian and of Spainish decent you should immediately give up your land to the Native Argentinians you colonised. You should then get on the first plane back to your real country Spain. Same for the Brazialians, they can go back to Portugal…Then well we could just send back everyone from the US, Canada and Australia back to the UK, Ireland, France and the rest of the world!!!!

    Your country is a product of colonialism!!!

    I’d have a bit more respect for you if you said it was about money and oil!!

    I am!! We are there because of history, because the 3000 inhabitants consider themselves British and there is a shed load of oil underneath them!!

    • you are joking right? the island was abbandoned by the Spanish in 1811 and reconquered by The United Provinces (that is Argentina) in 1820. In 1833, there were Argentineans living there and the UK kicked them out. Your country is the reason of colonialism in the XXI Century.

    • I’m from Argentina and I’m totally agree with you.

      Soy de Argentina y estoy totalmente de acuerdo con vos.

  7. Hey British guys, go check if your kids can go to a university without going bankrupt and then check if war is more important. Go see if you don’t loose your jobs in your crisis, we got them guaranteed. You should be nuked, you are the fucking scum of the Earth, imperial scum.

    • André Jørgensen

      If British people can’t afford to go to university in London, there are plenty of other places they can go to university for free … like wonderful Copenhagen. Something we are happy to give to out friends in Britain, but not our enemies in Argentina.

      • Actually, Argentina has excellent international relations with Denmark, and plenty of argentinian researchers and academics work in danish universities.

    • Tuition fees are not that high, considering you pay it off over 25 years… but I suppose, for members of a poor nation run by drug cartels like Argentina, it would seem like a huge amount of money.

      The Falkland islanders WANT to remain BRITISH. What is it about that simple statement that you stupid people cannot understand? The right to self determination is enshrined in the UN constitution, making the Argentinian claim over the Falklands ILLEGAL. All this talk of conquering the island just goes to show how backward and third world Argentina is. Europe has grown out of that phase, it is time for you to join us in the 21st century.

    • Josh "imperial scum" Crimes

      its *lose
      p.s, go fuck yourself.

    • What a lovely person you are, Peter.

    • Its “lose your jobs” you illiterate fool

  8. André Jørgensen

    What is wrong with calling the Neanderthal bitch a ‘bitch’? If the truth offends, then ditch the bitch and get a leader who isn’t an impotent laughingstock.

    President Bitch: president of a bankrupt nation, with bankrupt morals and saggy old bitch whore as a president.

    Much love form Denmark

    • Actually, we are growing at a much larger rate than your country will ever grow, and we have much less debt than you. Hope you don’t loose your job in your crisis (I know I won’t).

      Stick your love in your ass and have some respect, you fucked up nation, you deserve to be invaded again.

      • At least Britian isnt ruled by a bunch of drug cartels. At least Britain isnt trying to conquer lands against the wishes of its inhabitants. When you decide to grow up and join us in the 21st century, then we might be willing to talk.

      • what about the decision of the argentineans living in the islands when the UK kicked them out? Brits, go to Britain.

    • Actually, Argentina have less public debt and higher growing rate than Denmark. I’m really surprised about the ignorance of certain people in the so-called “first world”, who are supposed to have a really good college education.

    • Argentina is not a bankrupt country compared to the 15 trillon dollars the US deficit and keeps borrowing from foreign countries tp survive. In Argentina I can buy good quality food at affordable prices. In the US food is for the employed and wealthy only. There are 24 millons unemployed citizens and 44 millons receiving food stamps. This country president is a lady and you cannot prove any words you just made public.

    • I love it when people invoke the word “truth” to refer to their own opinions and, in this case, use name calling as a substitute for “truth”. Very nice, Andre. I hope my high regard for Denmark isn’t misplaced.

  9. What’s the fuzz just ask your biggest newspaper to put a photo of the queens anniversary and label it cunt.jpg

  10. Shame it wasn’t nuked. Argentina is a blight on all of South America.

  11. The only real bitch is the one called the “Iron Bitch.” You know the one who threatened to nuke Buenos Aires during the Malvinas Wars.

    • What’s wrong with that? Worked against the damn Japs didn’t it? Nuke ‘em, Nuke ‘em all I say.

      • You know, your suggestion that we should simply nuke anyone that disagrees with us (the British) has a sort of logical ring to it. I’m with you my friend. Nuke the Argies? Yes, give me one good reason why we should not.

    • Face it David…Argentina lost. The Falklands were uninhabited when the British settled there. The people that live there want to remain British. The UN supports the right of self-determination. Argentina signed the UN Charter. Argentina has ZERO claim to the Falklands. Say hello to the General Belgrano for me…You will be needing scuba gear.

      Final standings:

      Iron Lady 1
      Argentina 0

      • Say hello to the HMS Sheffield, HMS Coventry, HMS Ardent and HMS Antelope for me…You will be needing scuba gear.

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