“Those with the SUBE card will not have an increased ticket”


February 2, 2012


Transportation Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi denied any increases after the card is delivered. However, he admitted that there will be variations for a “small portion” of the population. He criticized opinions in the media.

He defended the SUBE card indicating that this is a way that “users have access to all means of transport without using coins.”

“It gives us much better control. Control of the transport system is not easy. Sure that everything runs on time and takes many inspectors on the street. Having the overcrowded SUBE will imply that all we are clear that instead of receiving the affidavit [corporate] which we liquidate resources [allocated allowances] will be much clearer, “said Schiavi.

“The current subsidy is not equitable for all. I often gave examples of people living in La Matanza and pay 10 pesos and take two hours to get to work. The subsidy system is a reward and punishment and often those who have less are punished,” he said, assuring that the goal is to “subsidizing people, not subsidize businesses. “

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