Argentina rejected the presence of an English warship in the Falklands Islands

Argentina, February 1, 2012

In recent days, the Argentine government intervene again the dispute with Britain over the Falklands Islands. The Foreign Ministry said that Argentina has rejected the British decision to send the HMS Dauntless, one of the most modern warships of the English fleet, to guard the islands in the anniversary of the war. 

It should be recalled that in recent months Prince William traveled to the islands to receive military training and also that the Argentine claim to sovereignty is seen by Cameron as “colonialist”. Another issue that has troubled England is the hydrocarbon deposits that can be found there, in which there are already working several British companies such as British Petroleum.

The official response came via a statement entitled “More diplomacy, less arms”, where the portfolio led by Timerman said “Argentina rejects the British attempt to militarize the conflict which the United Nations have already been issued in many occasions and have indicated that both nations should held bilateral negotiations”.

And added, “governments must avoid the temptation to engage in discourses that transform patriotism in a disguise in order to distract public attention from economic policy settings in a context of high unemployment and structural crisis” regarding the role of the Falklands and the current crisis suffered by the old continent.

And concluded “international organizations and democratic countries must work daily to prevent armed conflicts and solve them”.

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