Nadal beat Federer again

Melbourne, January 26, 2012

Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer in Australia Open semifinals 6-7 (5 / 7), 6-2, 7-6 (7 / 5), 6-4.

Thus the Spanish becomes the executioner of Swiss, who did not get a win over Nadal from Wimbledon 2007.

The classic game that lasted three hours and 42 minutes became the eighth win in ten games at Grand Slam tournaments by the Spanish on Roger.

The game was intense from the start. Federer tried to win quickly and began getting the first set. But Nadal solid defense paid off and began to reverse the situation, undermining the confidence of the Swiss in the second set.

In the end, Nadal never stopped fighting. Although the third set almost gets out of hand in the tie break, his confidence was stronger and ended up getting it by 7-5.

The last set was a great intensity, and the battle was bent to the Spanish side that finished 6-4.

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