Mexico: Platanito Clown mocks children who died in a fire (view video)

January 17, 2012

Mexican clown ‘Platanito’ mocked during his program ‘Platanito Show’ broadcast by Televisa, the children who died in a fire at a kindergarten in 2009.

Users of social networks like Twitter reacted very angry at such attitude, demanding his immediate resignation.

Sergio Verduzco, who plays the clown ‘Platanito’, told jokes about the 49 children who died burned at a garden nursery in Hermosillo, Sonora state capital.

Verduzco said in his ‘jokes’ “Do you know why Michael Jackson died? Due to despair, because a nursery in Sonora was burned”.

“Do not scoff, poor ‘chavitos al pastor’ (grilled over direct heat), not to tease apart now there is no nursery, they opened a ‘changarrito’ called Kentucky Fried Children.”

Sergio Verduzco said through a statement to the media, “Platanito is a clown to make people laugh but not hurt, however, today I confess I don’t have that the sensitivity to choose routine and tell that joke.”

“I can not repair the damage and all I do is to speak from my heart and pray that you will accept this apology, Platanito clown will be better as this fall serves to learn.”

One Response to Mexico: Platanito Clown mocks children who died in a fire (view video)

  1. Disgusting. The man should be fired. An apology is insufficient.

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