The City Government assumed the “political cost” of raising the subway bill

January 6, 2012

The Finance Minister of the City, Nestor Grindetti, said that his administration take responsibility for the increase, although he blamed “inflation” for the necessity of needing to raise the fare. “The responsibility on the issue is ours”, he said.

Grindetti defended the increase of the subway ticket in a 125% and explained why is the City Government unable to subsidise the price.

“The power of the regulation of the fares of the subways was passed to the city, which we see as a good thing, and we take the cost of it. Clearly, the responsibility on the issue is ours”, he stated.

But, after that, he said that “the people will finally understand that the increase of the fares is not a problem of the Government of the City, as the problem of increasing the fruit is not of the merchant. The issue is the inflation”.


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