The Nation transferred the subways to the City


January 3, 2012


On this day, the act that begins the transfer of the subway from the National Government to the City of Buenos Aires was signed. Mauricio Macri announced that evaluate rate increases.

It was in a meeting, which was attended, from the City, the Chief of Government; the Minister of Finance, Nestor Grindetti; and Urban Development Minister, Daniel Chain; and, from the Nation, the Acting President (for Cristina Kirchner’s license), Amado Boudou; the Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido; and Transportation Secretary Juan Pablo Schiavi.

Both sides pledged to contribute 50% each of the subsidy necessary to the subways, totaling 720 million pesos, regardless of a rate increase. This means that, if the ticket increased, the remaining amount is reinvested.

Schiavi explained to M24Digital details of the agreement.

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