Subway: Agreement between National and Buenos Aires Government

Buenos Aires, January 2, 2012

The Buenos Aires and national Government finally reached an agreement on the transfer of the subways.

The ministers agreed that the delivery will take place on Tuesday, January 3.

The National Secretary of Transportation, which is part of the Ministry of Planning, officially announced the decision through a statement saying that “the transfer will come into force on the first working day of 2012.”

Sources from the Buenos Aires Development Ministry confirmed that the talks were “very well” and officials are discussing further details.

Buenos Aires Minister of Urban Development spokesman reported, “The agreement signed today is of a general nature. The City will have supervision control from next week and necessary meetings will begin in the next 90 days. This is an initial step. “

Mauricio Macri’s government will “supervise and control the network of subways, including Premetro, and will have control of service rates” and “the Government promised to contribute 50% of subsidies for a period of one year.”

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