Comet Lovejoy survived its trip around the sun

December 17, 2011

As was reported by scientists at NASA, “The newly discovered comet Lovejoy surprised the scientific community after surviving an unexpectedly plunge into the infernal heat of the atmosphere of the Sun”.

They further explained that “this Friday, the Comet Lovejoy spent just 140,000 kilometers from the solar surface. Temperatures in the corona can reach 2 million degrees Celsius, so that most of the researchers expected the comet to be completely destroyed”.

But Lovejoy demonstrated a greater resistance than expected. Images taken by the Solar Dynamic Observatory spacecraft (SDO) show that the object of ice left behind the sun and began to venture back into spaceā€.

SDO researchers announced by the social network Twitter: “Newsflash! Comet Lovejoy survived its trip around the sun and reappeared on the other side”.

More information about this event can be seen on the website:

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