With incidents, the UCR elected Mario Barletta as new president


December 16, 2011


At the National  headquarters of the Radical Civic Union (UCR), delegates from around the country elected its officers. There was consensus among Alfonsín, Cobos and Sanz, that the president is the former mayor of Santa Fe. There were incidents outside.

With struggles and bumps on the outskirts of radical militants face a new convention to elect their President. There was consensus to be Mario Barletta, leader and former mayor of Santa Fe the capital of the province.

Members of La Cantera Popular organizations and the Federal Network of Radical Youth clashed outside the committee for the intended locations within the enclosure, leaving a balance of one wounded.

Former presidential candidate for the UCR, Ricardo Alfonsin said, “the conditions are to integrate a table representative.”

He stressed Mario Barletta as the candidate most likely to keep the party presidency. “Heis an important leader of Santa Fe with prestige, which is calling for dialogue and an important consensus,” he said.

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