The new currency of two pesos will be launched tomorrow

Argentina, December 11, 2011

Starting tomorrow, the new currency of two pesos will begin to flow through Argentine households. The Central Bank will bring it to the street through financial institutions, as the monetary authority usually does. The same is commemorating the bicentennial of the Revolution of May and will be part of a first batch of one hundred million units. 

The currencies of two pesos will coexist with tickets of equal value and will serve as payment for everyday transactions.

The design of it is the reverse of the coin of one peso, the inside is silver and the ring is gold. Moreover, it has a diameter of 24.5 mm.

At its center, it has the image of the Argentine Bicentennial logo, created to commemorate the celebration by the Office of the President. The ring bears the legend “República Argentina” in the upper arch, while in the lower arch it says “Union and Freedom”.

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