Cristina Kirchner announced the creation of the Secretaries of Foreign Trade and Competitiveness

Argentina, December 10, 2011

In the ceremony, President Cristina Kirchner announced and confirmed the creation of the Secretary of Foreign Trade under the Ministry of Economy. Also spoke about government policies and also the creation of another body, the Secretary of Competitiveness. She noted the importance of achieving more “foreign trade underpinned by a growing and vibrant market”.

Both departments “will work in a cohesive way, as in all countries, as a single band” the president said, calling the two secretaries as “two sides of a coin that is the trade of Argentina, which is one and cannot be divided”.

And she added “the spending in works is no longer considered spending, but economic and social investment”.

She also referred to the trade surplus that has been achieved in recent years and has allowed domestic savings, noting that “it has doubled; we generated a surplus of November that reached over 10 billion dollars”.

“The domestic market was what allowed us to surpass the crisis that turned brutal worldwide in 2009 but thanks to the active policies of the Argentine government, we were able to grow in 2010 and we’re doing in 2011, we have now a 9 percent of growth” argued the President.

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